Research & Innovation

Title: Strategic Mineral Development with Industry 4.0
By Professor Dato’ Ir. Dr. ERIC GOH

Introduction The modern world simply cannot function without mining. From the cement that you walk on to the screen you are reading, our way of life depends on the products of mining practices. The mining and quarrying industry sector is a major sector of industrialised and developed countries.
Program This programme (FAScinate) features ASM Fellows (Academy Science Malaysia) who will fascinate and educate the audience with insights into the Fellow’s expertise and experience.
YM MAGIA 2019 Montage
Self Healing Natural Rubber by Dr. Raa Khimi, Universiti Sains Malaysia
G-Coat – Prof. Dr. Srimala Sreekantan
R-RubFoam, A Novel Solution for Global Oil Spills – Professor Dr. Hanafi Ismail
Penerima Anugerah Akademik Negara Ke-10 – Kategori Anugerah Inovasi & Pengkomersialan Produk
Di Sebalik Nama – Prof. Madya Dr. Zainovia Lockman @ RTM1
LOREAL FOR WOMEN IN SCIENCE 2009 Dr Azura binti A.Rashid