Alumni Materials Engineering

What does Materials Engineering Program mean to you?

Materials Engineering program encourages me to know more, induces the thirst of knowledge in me and a desire to contribute to society.  What’s more is I have made friends with those of the same thoughts and ideas; lifelong friendship. 

Learning materials engineering makes me want to explore more.  I realize that materials engineers are needed in manufacturing, materials processing, operation and maintenance.  Opportunities are endless for us. 

“Learning in materials engineering program allows me to explore more in life. In addition, this field do create jobs in engineering, manufacturing, material, operation and maintenance”

Nur Fatin Syahidah
Project Engineer, Sapura Energy Sdn Bhd
Alumni Material Engineering, (2012-2016)

“I am a materials engineer in Oil and Gas industry. Materials Engineers have the responsibilities to inspect the quality and reliability of materials used in a variety of products that are based on their functions. Materials Engineers are expert in selecting suitable material, if not the best, to suit and to meet the requirement desired of certain products and applications in OnG.”

“Materials Engineers have the responsibilities to inspect the quality of materials used in a variety of products based on their functions. Materials Engineers can be denoted as the experts in sustaining and choosing good materials in certain products in order to meet the requirement and the quality of the projects/products”

Mohd Fitrie bin Mahem
Maintenances Executive, PETRONAS CARIGALI (SKO) Sdn. Bhd.
Alumni Materials Engineering (2015-2019)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM

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“To the awesome lecturers we met in the USM Materials Engineering Program; thank you for all the wisdom and knowledge that you all shared.  You have inspired us to become better individual! You moulded the best part of us.  Thank you!”

Group of Alumni
Micron Semiconductor Asia Operations Pte. Ltd.
Alumni Materials Engineering, (2015-2019)

“I now know the characteristics and properties of materials; and I can name them in every day essentials that I have around me. Different materials are used for different applications and different materials are suited to survive in different environment.”

“Materials engineering program make me know the characteristic and properties of the materials that we use every day. Different materials for different environment.”

Mohamad Bakhtia Bin Mhd Nawi
Senior Piping and Structural Inspector,
Oceancare Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (Inspection Team at Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. – Sarawak Oil)
Alumni Material Engineering, (2011-2015)

1.     “Having involved in the industrial world for around 8 years, I discover that knowledge learnt from USM Materials Engineering course are very useful and applicable in manufacturing industry, especially for process department. I have been employed by 3 big companies, i.e Fuji Electric (M) Sdn Bhd, Jinko Solar Technology (M) Sdn Bhd, and presently in JA Solar (M) Sdn Bhd. As a senior executive, when I have to do any hiring, normally I prefer candidates from Materials engineering background (along with physics and chemistry) due to the knowledge that these candidates have from these courses can be widely applied in manufacturing industry.

2.    If you asked me; should materials engineering programme be removed from any university? I would say “NO” as it will be a huge loss for the various industries.   

3.    To improve product quality, improvement from the perspective of process as well as the materials chosen  have to happen simultaneously.  Who would be the best to know all these?  Materials Engineer! Indispensable!!!”

Ong Cheng Shian
Senior Manager, Process and engineering Dept
JA Solar (M) Sdn Bhd
Alumni Material Engineering, (2011-2015)

“The choice of material we choose and make determines how we develop our society. Thus knowledge in materials engineering is essential.”

Chai Chia Chang
Process engineer
Silterra (M) Sdn Bhd
Alumni Material Engineering, (2011-2015)

“Materials Engineering program in USM provides a strong fundamental for the understanding and development of future smart materials towards the needed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Given the emphasis on SDGs, one of the solutions is to develop novel materials with efficient properties, especially in the ever increasing energy consuming society. New technologies can only go as far as the limit of the materials used and therefore materials engineering is indispensable towards the achievement of sustainability and the envisioned Society 5.0. USM School of Materials of Mineral Resources has been a platform to produce competent scientists and engineers, who will play crucial roles in achieving the abovementioned goals.”

Dr. Tan Wai Kian
Assistant Prof., Toyohashi University of Technology (National University), Japan
Alumni Material Engineering, 2004-2008 (Bachelor), 2008-2010 (Master)

“Materials Engineering program at USM had provided me with very useful knowledge to be used in the industrial world, especially on materials selection for specific product.”

Noor Azian
Semiconductor Specialist Engineer
Alumni Material Engineering, 1994-1998

 “Running project management with a robust background in materials engineering enables me to carefully draw correlations between the importance of materials management and its impact to the overall project schedule along with the cost factor in ensuring successful project completions.”

Siti Nabihah binti Othman
Planning and Scheduling Engineer, PETRONAS
Alumni Materials Engineering, (2006-2010)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, USM
Alumni of School of Materials and Mineral resources, USM (1990-2016)

1.     “Materials engineering is definitely the backbone and foundation of every piece of the wafers produced in Infineon.  There are many of us materials engineers working in Infineon and we are every inch proud to be alumni of Materials Engineering USM. Evidently, from silicon substrate, up to device packaging level, we now appreciate materials engineering even more than what were thought to us at USM.” 

2.    In electronic industries, the technological breakthrough will certainly be the result of materials engineering and development of materials, and not from any other traditional engineering branches. USM should continue to lead technological advancement with Material Engineers at the forefront.  We say “We LEAD!  ”

Alumni SMMRE Front row (right to left): Cheah Wee Keat, Lee Ting, Lim Miaw Ling, Tan Zhi Qin, Leow Cheah Li, Hj Talib Mohamad Saman, Mohd Said Maslilah, Teo Pei Shan, Lim Chui Ning, Chua Pei Ching, Goh Chew Lee, Gooi Wan Gyn

Back row (right to left): Billy Chong Wei Wei, Koh Kok Jie, Chang Chi Hsiung, Lee Kar Chun, Ong Chang Riang

Absent: Lim Saw Sing, Lau Fu Gie, Lee Chun Chien, Huam Soon Kee

Infineon Technologies (Kulim) Sdn. Bhd.

1.     “Knowledge learned from Materials engineering is important for me to start as a Failure Analysis Engineer.  Compare to other engineers, I know a lot of basic materials characteristic and the use of common equipment to characterise them; these include FTIR, XRD, SEM, EDX, Hardness Test, UV-VIS, TGA, DSC, etc.  I learned all these during my undergraduate and postgraduate years at USM.  The knowledge on this is important to be used in industry.

2.    “The properties of material are important during product design. Without the correct knowledge and understanding of the behaviour of materials, and thus product performance may degrade leading to failure.  I am a Failure Analysis Engineer; I apply my knowledge in materials and skills to determine the cause of failure in a product and device. I never regret to be one of USM students studying Materials Engineering course.”

Chan Pooi Quan
Failure analysis specialist engineer, OSRAM.
Materials Engineering 2004 – 2008 (Degree), 2008 – 2010 (Master)
Universiti Sains Malaysia

“Materials Engineering Program at USM educated us, nurtured us, and made us Engineers.”

Wong Wai Yee
Documentation Engineer in Zebra Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

Nurul Nadia binti Mohd Salim
QA Engineer in Zhongding Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Nurul Khalidah Binti Yusop
Package Design RnD Engineer Intel Microelectronics Sdn. Bhd.

Alumni Materials Engineering Program (2009 – 2013)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM.

Alumni from Global Foundries

“Materials Engineering… you are the best!!”

From left to right: Chua Jing Ting, Fun Yan Chin, Lim Sin Jou, Bong Poh Yee, Lee Angie

Chua Jing Ting2017/2018Polymer EngineeringEng Integration & Yield
Fun Yan Chin2016/2017Materials EngineeringEng Integration & Yield
Lim Sin Jou2018/2019Materials EngineeringEng Integration & Yield
Bong Poh Yee2018/2019Polymer EngineeringEng Module Engn
Lee Angie2016/2017Materials EngineeringEng Quality

From left to right: Ket Xiang Jie, Tai Lee Sin, Yong Xuan Hui, Sin Khai Wen

Ket Xiang Jie2014/2015Materials EngineeringEng Integration & Yield
Tai Lee Sin2014/2015Materials EngineeringEng Module Engn
Yong Xuan Hui2015/2016Materials EngineeringEng Integration & Yield
Sin Khai Wen2015/2016Materials EngineeringThin Film Eng Module Engn
Ng Phooi Yan(not in picture)2015/2016Materials EngineeringIndustrial Engineer

  “To take a good Reflow profile needs deep and wide understanding of every single material on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Technical knowledge on grain boundaries, materials characterization techniques, materials selection and behavior of materials (at higher and lower temperature) are my “food” for today. Without Materials Engineering course, I won’t be able to be a Process Development Engineer! Thank you to all the respected Materials Engineering experts at the School of Materials & Mineral Resources Engineering (SMMRE), USM and thank you to the school for offering Materials Engineering course. I am Isamuddin Bin Mohamed Iqubal, the PROUD ALUMNI of SMMRE, Materials Engineering Batch 2015/2019! Best wishes to the School of Materials & Mineral Resources Engineering (SMMRE), USM in producing more successful graduates in the future.”

Isamuddin Bin Mohamed Iqubal
Process Development Engineer
Analog Devices
Alumni Materials Engineering (2015-2019)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM

“Everything start from basic materials. Let’s say wireless technology. Without knowledge of piezolectric materials (eg. AlN), we might not able to know that AlN as one the best material for Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator.”

Dr. Teoh Hui Chiang
Staff NPI Product Engineer, Broadcom Limited.
Alumni Materials Engineering Program, (Degree: 2007-2011, PhD.: 2013-2018)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM.

“I have been working in 4 different fields after graduating my bachelor degree (Materials Engineering): hard disc manufacturing, camera model manufacturing, food industry, and now I am working at a security printing industry. Knowledge that I learned from Materials Engineering course at USM was my stepping stone to enable me to work in all of these different fields. Specifically, materials characteristics are important for R&D activities, hence new products can be developed.”

Ng Ling Ching
Senior Manager, Occupational Safety & Health and Operational Excellence Giesecke & Devrient Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Alumni Materials Engineering (2004-2008)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM

“From drug delivering nanomaterials to LEDs and fuel cell, materials engineering offers possibilities that other fields of engineering might have overlooked.  Materials engineering contribute so much to innovation. The very device that you’re using to read this is only possible because of a piece of component called die, made by materials engineers from sand to something of remarkable with endless potential; silicon. We learned about silicon at USM”

Afif Fauzi and Aiman Safwan
Analog Devices
Alumni Materials Engineering (2015-2019)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM

“Knowledge from Materials Engineering course has been very helpful for me now as a product engineer” 

Mohamad Mursyik Bin Abd Raman
Product Engineer, RK South Asia Sdn. Bhd.
Alumni Material Engineering, (2011-2016)
School of Materials and Mineral resources, USM

“Science is about knowing, Engineering is about doing.  Materials engineering is both knowing and doing; I learned that during my undergraduate course and now en route to become a great engineer”

Nik Anis Hafiza bt Nik Jusoh
Industrial Engineer
Continental Tyre PJ Plant, Malaysia-
Alumni Materials Engineering (2014-2017)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM

“From the raw materials, we as Materials Engineers, work them up through various processes until we make breakthrough in new inventions – a real way to improve people’s lives”

Process Development Engineer,
Infineon Technologies Kulim Sdn Bhd
Alumni Materials Engineering (2015-2019)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM

“Materials Engineering Program gave me knowledge on properties of different types of materials.  So many things in our lives depend on materials; knowledge on them becomes important.  The program taught me to determine how materials will be used and how they must be structured to withstand different conditions”

Ir. Mohamad Zamri Bin Md. Zain
Staff Engineer / Project Manager, PROTON
Alumni Material Engineering (1990 – 1994)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM

“Yearly, materials engineering program produces versatile engineers that can be positioned in the field of asset management related to QA/QC, corrosion, inspection and asset risk evaluation.  These fields give high impact in industries specifically in oil, gas and petrochemical sector. Apart from intensive undergraduate content, Materials Engineering in USM provides, its students with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and various community engagement, enhancing and polishing their soft skill, making then future leaders in industries fulfilling the aspiration of USM: “We Lead”.”

 Mr. Zool Ihsan bin Abd Aziz
Business Development & Training Manager,
Saudi K-KEM Engineering Service Company
Alumni Material Engineering (2005-2009)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM

Alumni Mineral Resources Engineering

“Mineral Resources Engineering is a versatile career involving natural occurring minerals underneath the ground where these minerals will become primary products in other industries”

   Wan Nur Syafiqah binti Hairul Anuar
   Metallurgist, Selinsing Gold Mine Manager Sdn Bhd
   Alumni Mineral Resources Engineering Program, (2011-2015)
   School of Materials and Mineral resources, USM

“You bet! Everything we depend on is either made from minerals or relies on it. Be a front-line team in developing the society”

Sharol Azuan Zainuddin
Process Plant Manager, Wullersdorf Resources Sdn Bhd
Alumni Mineral Resources Engineering, (1999-2002)
School of Materials and Mineral resources, USM

“Proud to be back where everything started on 2004. I’m the person who always looking to try new things. This is why research and materials engineering could not be apart”.

Researcher, Mineral Research Centre
Alumni Materials Engineering (2004-2008)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM

Alumni Polymer Engineering

“I was trained and prepared for the endless possibilities in career by our school. I am glad about the skills and experience through my university life as a Polymer Engineering student. Polymer Engineering program gave me the opportunity to join this company since I am graduated. I am proudly to be a graduate of School of Materials and Mineral Resources in USM”

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Hoe Chui Ting
QA Engineer/ Management Representative (QA Department), John While Solutions (S) Pte Ltd
Alumni Polymer Engineering (2008-2012)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, USM

“Polymer Engineering gave me the opportunity to work in semiconductor industries where we can see how high-end product was build up bit by bit from a small piece and how it linked up one to another. It is amazing!”

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Wong See Mei
Senior Customer Quality Engineer, QA Department, Besi APac Sdn. Bhd.
Alumni Polymer Engineering, (2008-2012)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, USM

“Polymer engineering provides me a good exposure to the fundamental of various materials, which is extremely useful in engineering field. With the basic of polymers and analytical tools, I am able to contribute more to the company when there is so many materials-related hurdles to be overcome!”

Yap Kar Fay
Senior Materials Development Engineer, R&D department, Lumileds Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Alumni Polymer Engineering, (2008-2012)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, USM

“What a world is going be without plastic!? The Polymer Engineering career is vast, from everyday life utensil to the high-end industry level products. All use some kind of polymers! Don’t let industry hire wrong engineer, let them hire us, because we are better at Polymer!”

Muhammad Danial Jafni Bin Jasmi
Senior Process Engineer, DIC Compounds (M) Sdn Bhd
Alumni Polymer Engineering (2010 – 2014)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

From natural to synthetic elastomers, from thermoplastics to thermosets, we are the EXPERTS!

By this, it gives you the opportunity to DIVE into anything, because EVERYTHING YOU SEE or TOUCH IS A POLYMER!

Aida Arina bt. Ahmad Tajuddin
Assistant Manager, Hartalega NGC Sdn. Bhd.
Alumni Polymer Engineering (2010-2014)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Polymer materials continuously growth and the demand keep rising as the materials needed in our daily life. Today, environmental awareness has becoming worldwide concern, thus polymer expertise is needed to create solution in the manufacturing process for a sustainable development.

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Nurul Ashikeen binti Mohammad Saifuddin
Senior Technical Engineer (Customer)
Toray (Penfibre Film Division, Metalizing department)
Alumni Polymer Engineering ( 2010-2014)
School of Materials and Mineral Resources, USM